At CoverSix, we are focused on being the world leader in providing safe, customizable and scalable modular space to meet the varying needs of the brave men and women in the military and security field around the globe by providing hardened and robust facilities to meet mission-specific requirements. Driven by our dedication to innovation, we stand alone in delivering turnkey solutions that raise the bar for personalization and protection.

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Hardened Facilities

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Hardened Facilities

Modular buildings with proven and tested blast and ballistic resistance. Providing a safe environment for the warfighter from the training range to theater.

Robust Modular Buildings

Custom designed and built modular solutions with a 30-year life expectancy. A custom outfitted building that can withstand harsh environments for any customer-specific need.

Storm Shelters

Designed to meet the requirements of FEMA Spec 361 for Safe Rooms. These buildings can withstand the forces of a Category 5 Hurricane or an EF-5 Tornado. Received National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) Seal.

Portable Storage Facilities

Wind and Water Tight (WWT) containers are safe from weather elements, pests, rodents, etc. Can be placed anywhere for immediate storage needs.

Portable Office Facilities

Ground-level offices provide increased safety and convenience. Provided with HVAC, CAT 5 and phone hook-ups, lights and theft resistant windows. Instant office space wherever it is needed.

Security Buildings

Custom built, modular buildings designed to protect facilities and security personnel. Built as hardened or robust structures, they can be equipped for access control or function as security offices.

Potential Uses

Relocatable Buildings
Viewing Bunkers
HEMP Protection
Temporary Facilities
Storm Shelters
Blast-Resistant Buildings

Guard Shacks
Consulate Protection
Emergency Management
Range Facilities
Ballistic-Protected Facilities

Data Centers
Shielded Enclosures
Force Protection
Access Control Building
Command Centers
Embassy Security

Medical Facilities
FEMA Safe Rooms
Security Offices
Kitchens & Restrooms
Compound Emergency Sanctuary (CES)
Hardened Alternative Trailer System (HATS)